February 28, 2019 - The 1st entry of the month went to Belarusian producer Ars Nikonov aka Fury Weekend. His excellent “Euphoria” track (featuring Scandroid) manages to seamlessly combine the brooding sounds of the 80s with dreamy guitars and a great beat, powered by strong male vocals.

February’s 2nd track-listing was The Anix’ “Black Space” (incidentally, also remixed by the seminal Fury Weekend). “Black Space“ is an ear-catching remix that captures a distinct electronic-rock sound with an upbeat 80’s dance fusion of unyielding beats and synthetic programming.

The slightly melancholic “Fading Away” by Mellow Fields was the month’s 3rd listing. Mike Zbikowski is the soul behind the project Mellow Fields and continues to develop his style while delivering an otherworldly audioscape. “Fading Away” elevates his synthwave-electro signature to a whole new dimension.

The final and fourth entry went to Caspro’s funky “Desert Slugs,“ with which the artist is exploring a new stylistic synthwave-direction.

Kaspar Ravn