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Escape Driver

Give Thanks for #PAXWAVE November, Courtesy of Escape Driver, Dimi Kaye, and More!

December 6, 2019 — With another month down, another series of our favorite synth tracks have been added to the PAXWAVE Weekly playlist. October may have brought the moody singles of Midnight Danger, Strontium Cop, and other haunting artists, but November included a quartet of synthpop tracks from Escape Driver, Dimi Kaye featuring Nar’Thaal, Prizm featuring Cassetter, and Ace Buchannon featuring Anna Moore. The 80s inspiration in each song is impossible to ignore, right from the opening notes.

Escape Driver’s “The Forgotten” opened up November after the spooky sounds of Strontium Cop’s “Halloween 1984” closed out the season of frights. You certainly won’t forget the synthesized sound of “The Forgotten,” which comes from Escape Driver’s latest album, No Fate. Jon-Paul Bakaric (aka Jonny Fate) and Brian Kage combine their undeniable talents to help you escape from the norm with their electrifying music. “The Forgotten” is just another of their songs capable of pulling you from your reality and putting you into something a bit more thrilling.

The rock opera inspiration is strong in the second track of November, which was brought to life by Dimi Kaye and Nar’Thaal. A rocking guitar riff opens up this track, making you wonder if you accidentally deviated from your synthwave playlist, but it only takes 12 seconds before you’re reminded of the synthesized power ballads of the 1980s. “Slaver’s Bane” combines the nostalgic sounds of Grecian synthwave producer Dim Kaye and the powerful sounds of Nar’Thaal. The duo craft an epic tale that’s fitting of the opening guitar solo and riffs scattered throughout.

November’s third track comes from PRIZM and Cassetter, the former having landed on our October playlist with Fury Weekend. This time, PRIZM’s vocals are backed by the old-school and futuristic sounds of Cassetter for “All Night – Cassetter Remix.” There is a clear distinction between PRIZM’s original edit of “All Night” and Cassetter’s remix, which a modern touch to the very-80s synth track. The result is a song that’s a bit more impactful and better suited for the synthwave scene.

November closes out with a classic 80s sound compiled by Ace Buchannon and Anna Moore. The Finnish artist Vesa Tamminen spearheads Ace Buchannon and brings that vintage 80s authenticity to “Come Alive.” You’re more likely to recognize Pennsylvanian singer/songwriter Anna Moore from outside of the synth scene, but her vocals fit perfectly with Buchannon’s expertly crafted synth track. Hints of saxophone drive home the old-school sounds of “Come Alive” and are sure to appeal to those with an ear for classic love ballads. 

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