January saw four great tracks added to our #MotW2019 Music of the Week Spotify playlist. First out was Imagine Dragons’ “Machine”, allegedly a 2018 track, but hey any early January does not offer a the largest selection of new music. 

Dragon’s third single from their fourth studio album has some great lyrics: “Cause I’ve been wondering / When you gonna see I’m not for sale / I’ve been questioning / When you gonna see I’m not part of your machine / Not a part of your machine.”

The next track was the electronic/metal hybrid “Lakes of Flame”, a fresh 2019 release by none other than Blue Stahli & Comaduster.

Third entry went to Pennsylvania-based August Burns Red’s heavy metal take on Nintendo’s all-star classic the Legend of Zelda a great fresh take on the household SNES track.

Last but not least, the 4th Music of the Week went to another collab “Three Worlds” by TV Players & Oceanside85, a rather hooky synthwave track and a January 2019 release, the track features a great beat and some seriously decent 80s shreds! Congrats “Three Words”.

To listen to the above tracks, follow the PAXINOMA #MotW2019 playlist on Spotify.