May 3, 2019 — A new remix of the track “Ride” by Swedish-Australian collaboration Moonraccoon and Gryff drove open the month. Owing to his crisp vocals, Gryff is one of the most influential singers in the synthwave-scene. The remix by Malaysian producer Yoru 夜 makes the track shine with beats that feature a flair of high school prom coupled with a strong sense of freedom. You’ll feel like you’re cruising the open roads of California in a Corvette.

The month’s second listing was another vocal remix. Grammy-nominated songwriter David Schuler’s project, The Bad Dreamers’ “Who You Run To,” was re-engineered by synthwave-stalwart Scandroid. The remixed “Who You Run To” combines a soulful 80s sound with a fresh, upbeat synthwave flavor, and is an absolute must for any fan of the genre!

Third out was Michael Oakley’s instrumental cover of everyone’s favorite Scarface track, “Push It to the Limit.” Born in Scotland and held in high regard in Los Angeles where he currently resides, Oakley has become quite the synthwave titan. He continues to deliver hit after hit as he gradually builds his legacy. His fresh instrumental take on “Push It to the Limit” breathes new life into an era of acclaimed 80s soundtracks, and this fresh spin on the Scarface-hit results in a lively concoction that should make Kenny Loggins proud.

Our fourth addition was the new single “Savior” by Fury Weekend and Josh Money. The evocative and dark composition dives into the theme of exploitation and the unyielding will of the human spirit. “Savior” marks the first collaboration between the two artists and blends synthwave with electro-pop. Incidentally, “Savior ” is the latest single from Fury Weekend’s upcoming album that will release later in 2019.

The fifth and final listing of April was Von Kaiser’s slightly post-apocalyptic “Landline.” Von Kaiser is a synthwave act formed by four musicians who, in their own words, “don’t just want to remember the music and movies of the ‘80s, [they] want to celebrate it.” “Landline” gives us an evocative glimpse into their upcoming debut album.


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