LATEST RETRO MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Monster Squad’ (1987)


September 5, 2019The temperature is rising, but the peak of summer didn’t just bring a heatwave. It delivered an incredible synthwave of five dramatic and nostalgiac songs. The first track to accompany you poolside was Biodrive’s “Reaching Perfection.” Following 2018’s “Revenge” and “Psychopath” from earlier this year, Biodrive inspires you to get up and move with this fast-paced, nostalgic track. You’ll swear you’ve heard “Reaching Perfection” before, specifically as the background track to some early 90s workout montage.

The second track to fuel the fires of summer was “Takes All Night” by LeBrock. This synth-pop ballad is a memorable release by the retro cinematic experience that is the duo of Michael Meadows and Shauny Phillips. It’s impossible to resist singing along as the chorus booms through your speakers thanks to the powerful vocals of LeBrock. Expect to catch hints of inspiration from classic power ballads, which makes “Takes All Night” impossible not to put on repeat. 

A collaboration between Simulakrum Lab and Cody Carpenter rounds out the third song for August. “Wireframe II Reworked” is the fourth mingling of talents as Carpenter, son of legendary director John Carpenter, who returns to deliver his signature brand of synth. The Italian music project created by Paolo Prevosto has chosen well to collaborate with Carpenter for a clean combination of synth and retrowave. “Wireframe II Reworked” is a more impactful version of “Wireframe II,” with a much-needed guitar riff that helps amplify the listening experience.

The New Division’s “Tonight” gives us something to listen to as the moon illuminates the night sky and the sparkling stars twinkle overhead. The fourth song added to August’s synth-filled soundtrack is a danceable track with an uplifting beat. John Glenn Kunkel, the man behind The New Division, released “Tonight” on his MODUS CD alongside the titular track, “Modus,” “Worth It” and “Ruin.” You’re sure to be caught up in the uplifting sound of this track. We finished August with “Shadowrun” by SURGE, a track that perfectly contrasts the other four songs of the month. There’s a mystical quality to “Shadowrun” as SURGE is best known for pulling inspiration from 80s sci-fi and pop. The Swedish musician continues to draw in listeners with a sound that stands out among the sea of synthpop artists. For “Shadowrun,” John Hubinette, the musician behind SURGE, employs mesmerizing female vocals that are exactly what the thumping beat needs.

Mark LoProto
Mark LoProto is a horror-loving gaming enthusiast with a love for electronic music and a soft spot for the real Ghostbusters, bubble wrapped synthwave, and neon kittens. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he's also on Twitter.

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