July 2, 2019 - “Bright Lights” by LeBrock kicked off June as the 1st track playlisted and also doubles up as the first single from the British duo’s upcoming third album. “Bright Lights” features a retro-inspired piano, powerful vocals, and riffing guitars. The vocals pair nicely with the track’s uplifting message to help anyone who’s been down in the dumps.

For the 2nd track of June, we listed fresh track “End of Summer” by Michael Elliot and his guest vocalist Josie Tao. Elliot is an ‘80s-influenced producer hailing from Switzerland and after a single listen of their new track, you’ll appreciate fellow Switzerland talent Josie Tao’s hypnotic vocals that lead the way, reminding you of every good summer moment you’ve had!

England-based Roxi Drive and Canadian prodigy Juno Dream bring us “Dangerous” which became the 3rd track #PAXWAVE-listed for the month, which is a perfect song for any summer drive along the sea. The synth-pop sprinkled synthwave entry “Dangerous” clearly takes inspiration from some of the most popular tracks from the 80s and features strong, catchy melodies that are sung in almost perfect harmony by Roxi Drive.

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, “L.D.L.A.” came in as the month’s 4th track listing by none other than female synthwave artist JJ Mist (hot off her recent album Communication.) Unsurprisingly (you’re reading a PAXINOMA blog-post after all!) the 80s inspired listing “L.D.L.A.” features funky guitar riffs which nudges your mind back in time and lets you revisit the neon-infused night clubs of the GTA Vice City. JJ Mist rather candidly showcases her appreciation for Maddona’s “The Material Girl,” and you surely wouldn’t be the only to mistake JJ’s latest album-release for a new Madonna record!

Finally, highly esteemed synthwave-act PYLOT came in as the last and 5th listing for June with new release “Fearless.” As always, PYLOT brings a distinctively atmospheric mood and the track’s synthwave piano play quickly moves the opening tease into a thumbing under a bed of skillfully crated instrumentation.


Kaspar Ravn