LATEST RETRO MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Monster Squad’ (1987)

#PAXWAVE October: Fueling the Spooky Season with Fury Weekend, Futurecop!, and a Special Seasonal Track by Strontium Cop

November 2, 2019 — The spooky season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy the sounds of the season. October’s PAXWAVE Weekly playlist brought with it some songs perfect for the month, and others better fit for an evening of fun and debauchery. You know the kind. In a cabin down by an ominous lake, the synth track playing just loud enough to cover the screams coming from down the hall. Fury Weekend, Scandroid, Platforms, and more provided a diverse soundtrack to set the mood, get you on your feet, and enjoy another frightful Halloween season.

Kicking off the month, “Sleepness Nights” by Fury Weekend and PRIZM delivered a surge of energy sparked to life by a catchy mix of guitar and synth. The retrowave track was crafted by Ars Nikonov for his latest album, Escape from Neon City. There is definitely a “neon” feeling to “Sleepless Nights,” hidden beneath the powerful vocals in the form of very-80s guitar riffs. Ars Nikonov’s calls upon the talents of the popwave duo, PRIZM, to provide the vocals for this catchy track.

Scandroid delivers an electronic sound for the second week of October with “Time Crime.” Pulled from the project’s 2018 album, Dreams in Monochrome, “Time Crime” has a very distinct sound to it, one that you could imagine headlining an 80’s crime drama soundtrack. There’s even a touch of saxophone that gives the track a bit of a sexier and jazzier edge. Started in Detroit, MI, Scandroid is headlined by Klayton Albert and is currently run out of Los Angeles. Klayton has been a well-known name in the music industry since the early 90s, when his band, Circle of Dust, was picked up by R.E.X. Records. Dreams in Monochrome is his fifth remixed album.

It wouldn’t be Halloween season without the spooky and dramatic sounds of Midnight Danger. A booming bass and synth drums set up the rhythmic intro to “Death Comes at Midnight,” a fitting tune for any Halloween party. If it didn’t make it onto your playlist this year, keep it in mind for 2020. There’s a hint of gothic horror interlaced into the fast-paced beat of “Death Comes at Midnight” that contrasts the guitar that’s brought in sporadically. The Swedish project headlined by Chris Young once again delivers a masterful darkwave track that fits perfectly in the “In Search of Darkness” documentary soundtrack.

Platforms’ “Higher Ground” is a stark contrast to the darker sounds of Midnight Danger and serves as the month’s fourth song. The upbeat track has touches of Journey and other rock bands of the 80s but is able to secure its own identity with original lyrics and a catchy chorus. Jordan Cox and Michael Palace spearhead Platforms and are responsible for other popular synth tracks like “Sweetness” and “Go All Night,” which retain that signature 80s style.

As a fitting close to October, there was a fifth track added to the PAXWAVE playlist on Halloween Day. The sinister track puts John Carpenter’s “Halloween Main Theme” at the center of a dreary and grim remix. “Halloween 1984” combines elements from Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street for a dramatic reimagining of the iconic track. It serves as Strontium Cop’s premier synth track and features the talents of Dimi Kaye on guitar and was crafted with the help of Straplocked’s Chris Carvache.

Mark LoProto
Mark LoProto is a horror-loving gaming enthusiast with a love for electronic music and a soft spot for the real Ghostbusters, bubble wrapped synthwave, and neon kittens. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he's also on Twitter.

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