In collaboration with composers Magnus Ringblom and Simone Cicconi we are proud to have delivered a daredevil musical experience for ACE MADDOX’ seminal air-combat action game Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China. As players storm through the skies of South-East Asia, the game’s soundtrack fuses ethnic and cinematic instrumentation with electronic influences that capture the mood of the 1940s’ China-Burma-India Theatre of World War 2.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China OST tracklist:

  1. Hope is Victory (Main Theme)
  2. For the Republic (Companion Main Theme)
  3. Welcome to Burma
  4. Brave Volunteer
  5. First Combat
  6. Bandit On Your Six
  7. Fire in the Sky
  8. With the Sun Behind Us
  9. Tigers in the Gorge
  10. Enemy Spotted
  11. Aces High
  12. Supremacy (Multiplayer Lobby)
  13. Chennault’s Sharks (Mission Accomplished)
  14. Red Sun Rising (Mission Failed)