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New Perfect Nothing Remix ‘Terminator 1984 Theme (Resistance is Victory)’

November 5, 2020 — Perfect Nothing has once again created musical art, and a treat for our ears, with the release of “Terminator 1984 Theme”. This new single mixes the talents of Perfect Nothing with rising star Vancelot Prime and the darkwave guitar expertise of Strontium Cop — all coming together to create a powerhouse track. With the original Terminator theme being so dark, you would think Perfect Nothing’s rendition would echo similarly, but there are elements here that turn gloomy into groovy.

“Terminator 1984 Theme” begins familiar drum beats and isolated synth licks, foreshadowing what is to come. There is a slow build-up to when the main beat breaks in at the forty-second mark, changing the tempo from a melancholy future to an urgent present. A combination of up-tempo drums and lengthy synth notes creates a dystopian sound that perfectly embodies a future where robots rule.

This may be a remix to the classic Terminator theme, but that is easy to forget since Perfect Nothing has made it their own. Just close your eyes and the song will take you somewhere else —whether that is a distant future where humans are at war with technology, or the era where synth ruled the radio and The Terminator was still in theaters, will depend on the listener. If you like to listen with your eyes open, this is the kind of heart-pumping music that will lift your workout to the next level.

That “Terminator 1984 Theme” is an instant playlist addition is not surprising, since Perfect Nothing has been in the business of turning classic themes into new, remixed hits for a while now. Take their high-flying “Top Gun Anthem,” for example, or “Airwolf Theme”, which brought newfound relevance to a forgotten eighties American television series. This newest track only builds on Perfect Nothing’s ever-growing stable of television and movie-inspired retrowave triumphs.

If you are a fan of Terminator, you will love this new take on the classic theme — and even if you have not seen the movie, you will be able to vibe with the pleasing sounds of synth. The “Terminator 1984 Theme” remix cements Perfect Nothing’s place in the retrowave genre and gives us a lot of hope for the future of the German-Swedish music duo.

“Terminator 1984 Theme” remix is out tomorrow on PAXONIC Premium.

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Arthur Thares
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