LATEST RETRO MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Monster Squad’ (1987)

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ and The Fundamental Flaws Behind Its Development

December 20, 2020Cyberpunk 2077 is easily this year’s biggest release. The hype was beyond measurable, and the fans were eager to lap up more quality material from CD Project Red. Multiple delays, resulting in more than half a year of waiting, left gamers with a positive outlook for the game’s release. More development time surely meant a better final product right? Unfortunately, Cyberpunk 2077’s quality as a product was a steep departure from the public’s collective expectation. The graphics, story, and general combat were received well enough. However, the buggy nature of the open world — coupled with poor performance — left a sour taste in many fan’s mouths. These issues were magnitudes worse on the last-generation consoles too, especially the PS4. Bad enough that Sony actually pulled the title from its digital store fronts.

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OST Face-Off: ‘Dune’ (1984) Vs. ‘Dune’ (2021)

December 18, 2020 Dune is a novel by Frank Herbert, and is frequently cited as the best-selling science fiction book of all time. The book was originally adapted into a movie in 1984, which was met with mixed reviews. Some people loved it; some thought it strayed too far from the source material, and others were so burned out by the cultural boom in science fiction — brought on by the Star Wars saga — that they did not even bother watching it. One aspect of the original film that is not discussed enough is its epic score, and how it came from one of the most unlikely sources. With a reboot on the way that promises an even more sensational soundtrack, it seems like a good time to compare what was, and what will be.

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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ New Heist Update Adds Night Club With Live DJs

December 17, 2020 — Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto Online will be joining the likes of Roblox and Fortnite. The 7 year old game is breaking ground and introducing its own in-game concert venue, with the ability to host live musicians. In their blog post, the company went into great detail about their goals with their new digital stage. Dubbed “The Music Locker”, this new underground night club will feature real-world DJs to entertain players, as well as being a venue for live performances… Read More »

SEGA’s ‘Streets of Rage 4’ Surprise Review — Past Glory Meets Modern Polish

December 15, 2020 — Although Streets of Rage 4 came out in April, it was such an awesome retro game reboot that we felt it deserved more attention. SoR4 is also the perfect way to light up the winter with neon-spirited, co-op, street fighting action; with its catchy, modern — yet retro — tunes fitting the visual styles of every level like a glove. Adding to the already impressive original soundtrack roster, that features original composers Yūzō Koshiro, and Motohiro Kawashima, is a selection of guest musicians including; Harumi Fujita, Scattle, Das Mörtal, XL Middleton, and Groundislava.

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Horror Legend John Carpenter Announces New Album with a Single

December 14, 2020 — John Carpenter is a legendary horror movie director known for classics like Halloween and The Thing, but he is so much more than that. What many do not know about this writer/director/producer is that he is also a composer and is responsible for the iconic music featured in many of his films. Carpenter recently dropped a new track and some exciting news along with it.

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Understanding YouTube Royalties for Independent Artists

December 11, 2020 — YouTube can be a bit of an enigma for Independent artists since things are always changing on the Google-owned platform. There tends to be a lot of confusion over how artists receive royalties, and what use of their intellectual property earns those royalties. A clear understanding of the money you are entitled to will help you advocate for yourself, and make informed decisions when working with publishing and licensing companies.

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Hit Game ‘Terraria’ Will See It’s Soundtrack Released On Vinyl

December 10, 2020 — After over nine years of proving players that it is more than just a 2-dimensional Minecraft, Terraria will finally see it’s soundtrack release on vinyl. Terraria has been a smash hit with four million copies sold to date; in 2020 the game saw one final update go live to bring it’s development to an end. Re-Logic and Laced Records have teamed up to remaster and collect the sixty tracks to make a deluxe triple vinyl collection. Terraria’s life cycle has seen so many changes and updates, that if you were to take a look at Terraria when it first released it almost wouldn’t even be the same game. The differences in visuals, content, audio, and gameplay are a testament to the developers hard work and vision.

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WarnerMedia Is Considering Creating Two More Streaming Services

December 8, 2020 — The general public has been absolutely inundated with streaming services since Netflix pioneered the platform in 2007. Since then, hundreds of streaming services have been trying to mirror Netflix’s success with mixed results. One of the new kids on the block is HBO Max. And with it a whole slate of WarnerMedia properties including Cartoon Network, Sesame Street, DC Comics, and others. Interestingly enough, It is looking like they have positioned themselves to be decent competition to heavier hitters like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Still, WarnerMedia is not hedging their bets on HBO Max. With the company working on bringing two more streaming services to the masses.

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Fanatical’s New Soundtrack Loops Bundle Gives Creators New Range of Tools

December 7, 2020 — Fanatical — major provider for video game and software keys — in partnership with royalty-free loops producer Soundtrack Loops has released a brand new music loop bundle for the aspiring creator. Their new Soundtrack Loops Bundle promises to provide up to a $546 value for audio files at a fraction of the normal price. According to the bundle deal, the files come 100% royalty-free, and are in three price tiers; each providing a large variety of musical genres for selection and use.

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Interview: The Witcher 3, GWENT, Age of Empires composer Mikolai Stroinski

December 4, 2020 — Mikolai Stroinski, composer for quite a few games, TV shows, and films, was kind enough to join us for an interview, where we talked about his work, his favorite media, and more. Our goal was to really get inside the head of the man who’s music is more impactful than the visuals they are usually paired with. In fact, If you have played The Witcher 3, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, or Gwent, you may be surprised to know Stroinski composed for all of them. He also lent his musical talents for IPs like League of LegendsThe Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Age of Empires 4, and even Bee Simulator. Outside of gaming, Stroinski has produced tracks that have appeared in The Bachelorette, and even Pawn Stars.

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