LATEST RETRO MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Monster Squad’ (1987)

UPDATED: TikTok Ban and New Competition Puts Platform’s Future in Jeopardy

September 19, 2020 — TikTok may be viewed as a platform that’s helped bring rise to several musical careers. But is there something sinister lying beneath that flashy app that’s fueling talks of a TikTok ban? A recent review of the app performed by ProtonMail indicates the video-sharing platform is quite nefarious, which may be the best news for its up-and-coming competition.

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Synch Watch: Was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater the Best Marriage of Music and Gaming Ever?

September 14, 2020 — The year was 1999, and Tony Hawk had done the incredible by landing the world’s first 900 at the X-Games. Little did anyone know at that moment that it would make Tony Hawk a household name and launch one of the most popular video game franchises of a generation. Four months after he landed the now infamous 900, Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater hit the shelves and became a must-have game for all kids, even the ones who didn’t skate… Read More »

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