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Synth Master Jean-Michel Jarre Will Bring In The New Year Live From Notre Dame

December 29, 2020 — Jean-Michel Jarre will be ringing in 2021 through a new and unique format. One that will bring a concert experience through the use of virtual reality technology. The world-famous musician will present Welcome To The Other Side; a partnership with the city of Paris. Which will see the electronic music pioneer team up with French VR start-up VRrOOM to bring in the new year. According to Jarre’s offical website, the New Year’s concert will be live-streamed through the use of a virtual environment. Due to 2020’s pandemic, the use of concerts through virtual environments have been utilized in some pretty spectacular ways.

Fornite Did Something Cool

Groups, such as BTS, used online gaming titles like Fortnite in order to give a one of a kind virtual experience to players. The chosen environment to be used by Jean-Michel Jarre for this concert will be the world famous cathedral, Notre-Dame de Paris. Due to the current rise of cases globally, most in-person New Years events have been shelved in favor of virtual shows.

With VRrOOM’s Notre-Dame de Paris environment, fans will have a fully digital way to enjoy bringing in the new year with style. So expect to see plenty of effects, lasers, and strobes, which will surely entrance the eyes of many. Jarre will of course play from a nearby studio, and will be seen through the use of his avatar. The concert is slated to run for forty-five minutes, with Jerre performing some of his recent Grammy award winning work from opus Electronica. On top of remixed versions of his hits such as Equinoxe and Oxygene.

Plenty of Ways To Watch

If you are worried about how much this will cost, then fear not. As this event will be streamed for free on the social VR platform VRChat. This will allow viewers to access the event either through their VR headsets or their own desktop computers. If you do not have either there are still ways you can enjoy the virtual concert experience. As the show will not only be streaming through VRChat, but also through Jarre’s own social medial channels. His channels can also be accessed via PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. In France, the show will be broadcast by the French BGF Paris news channel. For those who just want to listen to the show, the audio broadcast will go through Radio France’s France Inter.

The party is set to start on December 31st at 23h25 Paris Local Time. The concert will also be released on January 1st 2021 at 0:15 AM CET on all music streaming platforms under the title Welcome to the Other Side – LIVE.

Will you be turning into any of these virtual events to ring in the New Year?


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