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Roxi Drive 1985

Roxi Drive 1985

Retrowave Synth-Pop Artist Roxi Drive Releases New Single “1985”

October 1, 2020 — Retrowave artist Roxi Drive is once again delighting ears with the release of her latest single, “1985.” Dropping on October 2, 2020, “1985” is a collaboration between Roxi, SelloRekt/LA Dreams, and saxophonist Josh Wakeham, who provides an unexpected element to this synthwave track. As with the rest of Roxi’s library of synthesized music, her latest single oozes with 80s flair, capturing the generation’s essence throughout the four-minute-plus track.

Roxi’s newest single kicks off with the blaring sounds of Wakeham on saxophone as SelloRekt/LA Dreams’ synth track kicks up a steady and pleasing beat. The saxophone is far from ubiquitous in retrowave music and is a welcome addition that helps strengthen the 1985 flashback Roxi clearly wants listeners to have. 

The song is a fantastic callback to the generation of leg warmers and neon. Of course, with such a title, you can bet the entire song is a love letter to what many may call “simpler times.” As Roxi’s smooth vocals fill your ears, she takes you on a trip through time, to the evenings spent at the roller rink and meandering through the mall, obsessing over budding relationships and the opposite sex.

“1985” will make you forget the troubles of the world, if only for a few minutes. It was a time of love and an age where free spirits thrived and cruised the streets without worry. The soft sounds of Roxi’s single perfectly embody everything there is to reminisce over from the 80s. Then again, that’s not an entirely new concept for the talented artist.

Previously released tracks like “Electric Heart,” the energetic “Never Find Another,” and “Strangers of the Night” were ripped right out of the golden age of arcades and television. “Polybius (Arcade Killer)” is a bit more haunting and would fit well with some of the era’s forgotten horror gems. In all, “1985” is right at home with Roxi’s discography, though it’s the smooth jazz of Wakeham’s saxophone that really elevates it to a new level.

If you’re a child of the 80s, you may want to check out Roxi’s Facebook page. It’s simply littered with 80’s nostalgia, from stylized videos to snippets of her work outside of the synth industry. You’ll also find more of her music on her official Bandcamp page.  Even SelloRekt/LA Dreams deals in 80s nostalgia with an assortment of period-specific tracks.

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