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TikTok Opens Doors for Performers Again

January 4, 2021 — TikTok has released a one-hour musical on their platform, and while it is unprecedented for the app, the story does not end there. The limited event was created to support The Actors Fund, and raised one million dollars on its first night. Which is something I would say is a success for the company. If you had a chance to catch the musical then you know it was a fun experience unlike anything we have ever seen. However, the story behind the idea is just as interesting.

Based On One of Disney’s Greatest Movies

The musical idea started back in October after Broadway had already shut down due to the pandemic. The fantastic thing about this whole project is that it was not scripted in the least bit. This came about by users posting one-minute video-posts of them singing songs based on the movie Ratatouille. The video’s music and set designs were also from the Disney animated film Ratatouille, which told the story of a rat with dreams of becoming a chef. The original clips garnered 200 million views in the fall of 2020; this inspired the Disney Theatrical Group to make a more formal musical for charity.

The video debuted at 4 pm pacific time on New Year’s Day and ran through the weekend. The musical performed well, selling 160 thousand tickets on opening day. The play featured some big-name stars like Titus Burgess, Adam Lambert, and Wayne Brady. The event had also invited some of the TikTokers responsible for the original idea into the fold. The Actors Fund President and CEO Joseph P. Benincasa had this to say about the event:

“I am thrilled that we’ve begun the New Year with this seismic event that is clearly providing so much joy. Our gratitude goes to the producers, creators, performers, and everyone in the TikTok community who came together to make it all happen so wonderfully.”

TikTok Can Sometimes Do Pretty Cool Things

There is no word on what will happen to the videos from here. Maybe they will be released on a special edition DVD, or the digital equivalent? That said, I am not entirely sure it matters in the scope of things. What is more important is it shows people will innovate when necessary, and music will always bring people together. Hopefully, this year we will see a time when we can all be together in person again — until that time TikTok has, and will continue to provide a platform for artists. Where they can create imaginative content the likes we have never seen before, and raise money for a cause while doing it.

Arthur Thares
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