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Perfect Nothing

Crockett’s Theme (Vice City Vacation Version)

“Crockett’s Theme” is an instrumental song composed by Jan Hammer for the hit 80s series Miami Vice. The name “Crockett” refers to Don Johnson’s character, James “Sonny” Crockett. The instantly recognizable soundtrack theme first appeared in the Miami Vice episode “Calderone’s Return: Part 1 – The Hit List,” which aired on October 19, 1984.

We hope you’ll enjoy Perfect Nothing’s ambient electronica “Vice City Vacation Version” of the popular theme. Relax, chill, and if you need to take the edge off, order a Tequila Sunrise, lean back, and enjoy!

“Crockett’s Theme (Vice City Vacation Version)” is released by PAXINOMA’s ambient electronica label PAXONIC. It is the second single from our electronic music ensemble Perfect Nothing.


℗ & © 2019 PAXONIC c/o PAXINOMA aka Imperial North Music Agency.


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