PAXINOMA is a lean synch agency focused on pre-cleared “One Stop Shop” musical works. In other words, we license music for use in games, television series, mobile apps, movies, and documentaries.

Our repertoire includes (but is not limited to) The Ostrogothic Fantasy Orchestra, Perfect NothingRoxi DriveDraugablíkk, Vancelot Prime, Norman Wayne, Mitch Hunt, HULKOFF, and Strontium Cop.

PAXINOMA is also a legal and rights advisor for some of the artists and composers we work with. We believe in cultivating long-term personal relationships with artists and licensors for the benefit of all parties.

Streaming entertainment has taken on Hollywood in recent years, which has resulted in an abundance of linear entertainment being produced around the world. As a side effect, demand for licensed music has been steadily on the rise.

PAXINOMA specializes in retrowave/synthwave, epic/orchestral, Nordic folk music, metal, classical, and alternative country-rock.

So, what sets PAXINOMA apart in the world of synch? We believe it is the fact we only deal in distinct music composed and sung by highly talented artists — instrumental as well as vocal. Licensees looking for pre-cleared, high-quality music — or specialized synch advise — do not hesitate to contact us.

Television series and movie blockbusters are created — often exclusively — for streaming services like Apple+, YouTube Originals, HBO, Netflix, and their counterparts in places like India, China, and Mongolia, to name a few. Film studios and production companies view unique, high-quality music as an absolute necessity that can differentiate films and series from the competition; which has led to a noticeable increase in requests for the music we represent.

DISCLAIMER: Our full company name is PAXINOMA aka Imperial North Music Agency.

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