PAXINOMA is a Sweden-based music agency specializing in pre-cleared music for video games, movies, television series, advertisements, and animated entertainment. Occasionally, our digital record labels release special-event singles, remixes, and EPs of notorious and unique musical works.

We represent a small but experienced number of multi-genre songwriters and composers in consideration of scores and synchs for games, animation, video shorts, and streaming entertainment.

Our repertoire includes The Ostrogothic Fantasy Orchestra, Roxi DriveDimi Kaye, Strontium CopPablo Iranzo, Draugablíkk, Norman Wayne, HULKOFF, and Perfect Nothing.

PAXINOMA aka Imperial North Media Agency connects highly talented musicians and singers with forward-thinking entertainment.

Staying in regular contact with a small but influential group of executives and creatives in the music, games, and animation industries help us close licensing and synch deals quickly (our partners and affiliate artists tend to appreciate getting paid without unnecessary delay.)

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