‘Black Future ’88’ Soundtrack

October 8, 2020Black Future ’88 has released on the Nintendo Switch, and brought with it an amazing retrowave soundtrack. The game is an excellent callback to side scrollers of its namesake era with a unique premise that gamers are loving. The game feels as if Contra and Galaga had a baby but then cryogenically froze it to take advantage of future technology. The dark backgrounds and neon lights perfectly embody the electric ‘80s feel, but it is all tied together by a soundtrack that needs to be discussed.

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‘DOOM Eternal’ Soundtrack Strains Relationships Between Composer and Publisher

September 29, 2020 — Award-winning composer Mick Gordon, who was behind the guitar-charged heavy metal score to id Software’s 2016 DOOM reboot, has officially been removed from the DOOM series over issues with the production of the DOOM Eternal soundtrack. While Gordon’s displeasure with how the soundtrack was mixed dates back to April, a recent announcement for DOOM’s The Ancient Gods DLC confirms his work with Bethesda has officially come to an end.

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Nine Inch Nails Releases ‘Quake’ Soundtrack for First Time

September 24, 2020 — How much do you love the Quake soundtrack? Enough to drop $40 on a 2xLP recently released by the original composer, Nine Inch Nails? In an unexpected move, Trent Reznor has finally made the original Quake soundtrack available for purchase separately on a physical medium. Originally, the soundtrack was only available on disc versions of the game.

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