Ten Synch Artists We Are Inspired By

October 30, 2020 — Music synching is a business that continues to grow as the media landscape endlessly changes. Artists’ music is used for ambiance and to deliver deeper emotion throughout advertisements, feature films, video games, and more all around the world. Independent artists might count themselves lucky to be featured in a popular YouTuber’s video, while others are used to having their music featured in major motion pictures.

Some artists even find themselves being go-to options for popular media — but who makes the cut, and what makes them unique? Here are a few artists who have found greater success through synching.

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Eight Reasons to Use a Middleman to Make a Synch Licensing Agreement

October 23, 2020 — An artist’s number one priority is creating their art; which can mean financial success is not even in focus. There has been a trend of independent artists skipping record deals altogether, thanks to the internet making solo production and distribution easier with the advent of Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. Independent artists get to keep more of the money earned from their recordings, but they also miss out on the connections, advertising, and greater potential for media deals that major labels and companies offer.

Forsaking these avenues is not a death sentence by any means, and even less so if an artist links up with a professional synch licensing company to act as a middleman. Here are eight reasons why.

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6 ‘Netflix Original’ Productions That Have Featured Retrowave Soundtracks

October 16, 2020 — As the retrowave music scene continues to grow in popularity, Netflix has become one of the genre’s pathways to reach wider audiences. However, all things are good in moderation, and Netflix hasn’t overdone what fans of retrowave often describe as “synthwave” and 80’s synth-pop. When Netflix reaches out to the music industry to synch retrowave tracks for their original programming, they almost always hit the mark. So, without further ado — here are six Netflix Originals that boast some bodacious synthwave tracks.

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7 Synthwave Songs That Need to be in Movies

October 13, 2020 — Movie soundtracks are an important component of the viewing experience, often setting a scene’s tone or mood. Synthwave songs may indicate that the crazed killer is creeping up the stairs, or the star-crossed lovers are finally united. It can round out an action segment or play up an emotional moment. Without music, a movie can feel bare, flat, and unfinished.

Understanding the purpose of a musical score or official soundtrack is the first step in pinpointing everyday tracks that belong on the Silver Screen. Let’s play the role of a music scout for a moment and dive into the world of synthwave. Here, there’s a host of tracks that will undoubtedly fit perfectly into a movie — you just need to narrow down the options.

Below, you’ll find a selection of memorable tracks with beats so smooth and guitar so electrifying that you can’t help but imagine them blaring throughout the cinema. The following seven songs are synthwave tracks that absolutely need to be used in a future movie.

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Unreal Engine 4 Could Bring Rise to Synch Licensing

October 10, 2020 — The continued uncertainty created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced creative minds to consider new outlets for their mediums. If the brilliance of Primetime Emmy Award-winning production designer, set decorator, and art director James Connelly is any indication, one answer may be lying in the Unreal Engine 4. 

Without safe access to a physical studio, designers like Connelly, founder of JP Connelly, are creating virtual spaces using “real-time game engines.” You’ve already seen the results in action with The Voice and The Masked Singer, and while it’s an incredibly fascinating future for “live” television, there’s another angle to consider with the advent of virtual sets – the music.

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The Rise of Mongolian Folk Music: Star Wars, Horror, and a Venetian Explorer

October 2, 2020 — It’s difficult not to get caught up in the distinct, raspy vocals and catchy guitar riffs of Mongolian folk rock. So, why is it that I’m only now learning about The HU, a self-described heavy metal Mongolian folk band that does things to my ears that few English-speaking musicians do? The HU is a relatively new addition to the music scene, having found popularity in 2018 with the posting of two music videos – “Wolf Totem” and “Yuve Yuve Yu.” However, within the past 365 days, the band has found itself glistening in the spotlight.

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Synchwatch: Campaign Music in American Politics is A Labyrinth of Legalese

September 21, 2020 — There are many moving parts to a political campaign, but one of the more down-played components is the music. Music is powerful, and it does a lot to pump up crowds and retain viewer attention through repetitive political commercials. So, how do political figures choose their campaign music, and what are the legalities?

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Synch Watch: Was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater the Best Marriage of Music and Gaming Ever?

September 14, 2020 — The year was 1999, and Tony Hawk had done the incredible by landing the world’s first 900 at the X-Games. Little did anyone know at that moment that it would make Tony Hawk a household name and launch one of the most popular video game franchises of a generation. Four months after he landed the now infamous 900, Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater hit the shelves and became a must-have game for all kids, even the ones who didn’t skate. Read More »

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